How to Make Banjo Bread: A Simple, Delicious Recipe

Here is a recipe for the best banjo gluten-free bread you will ever eat. It’s so good your guests will be fighting over the last slice. It’s a terrific bread for sandwiches, toast, hamburgers, and more!

The best gluten-free bread recipe

Most people seem to have a strong preference between French Bread and Italian Bread. And, I have always been partial to the French Bread recipe I learned from my Aunt Fran. However, this version of French Bread is a delight and one of the best gluten-free bread recipes you will ever make. How to make a banana bread that is both delicious and gluten-free This is the best banana bread recipe on the internet. So, if you are planning to host a Gluten-Free Dinner Party, this is the bread you need to make. Gluten-free Banana Bread Some people prefer this recipe to any other banana bread recipe you have ever seen. This banana bread is moist, it has a lovely, vanilla-flavored toasted bread texture and it has a tangy zesty flavor.


1 ½ cups of yeast (You can get it in the yeast section of most health food stores. I get it from Dr. Bronner’s. Once you have it, keep it in the fridge so you always have it on hand.) 3 ¼ cups of water 1 tsp sugar ½ tsp salt 1 ½ cup of flour (you’ll need to use half whole wheat flour and half all purpose flour for this recipe.) Directions You will need to allow the yeast to activate for 10 to 15 minutes, just be patient. While waiting for the yeast to activate, mix together the water, sugar and salt. Add the water mixture to the yeast mixture. Mix all together until smooth. Scoop up a tablespoon of the mixture and put it in the bowl of your KitchenAid Mixer. Turn your mixer on low and mix it in. It’s that simple! You are done! Your yeast is activated!

How to make a Banjo Bread

It all begins with a traditional yeast-risen loaf. The advantage to this is that it does not involve kneading or any other manual labor. No hands to wash up and no heat-up time to wait for. The other big advantage is that it’s a lot of dough. About ten large, one-pound loaves. But if you prefer to roll a quicker dough, you can make a half-sheet pan of banjo bread dough. Just divide it in half, roll it out, and cut them in half. But if you want a “full” banjo, you’ll need a full sheet pan. Roll out the two halves until they are about the same size. Gather the two loaves together, and then trim the ends to a quarter inch. Slice the loaves as thin as you can without tearing. (It’s kind of like skinning a banana.) Arrange them on a greased cookie sheet.


Whether you want a really simple bread, are looking for a natural bread that is easy to work with, or you’re just not sure about making bread, this resource has something for you.