Banjo Foods: The Best Beauty Foods For A Healthy, Glowing Complexion


Banjo Foods is a line of natural beauty products that use ingredients that are good for you and good for the planet. Our products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicone, petrochemicals, and other harmful ingredients. We aim to deliver 100% natural beauty that is good for your skin, good for the planet, and good for you.

The Beauty Benefits of Banjo Foods

Your skin is your largest organ. And it doesn’t just maintain itself — it actively repairs and improves over time. Banjo Foods offers a wide range of skin-benefiting ingredients that can help your skin perform at its most beautiful. Banjo Foods brings you some of the most powerful ingredients that are a long-term win for your skin: 1. Matcha tea has natural anti-inflammatory properties that boost cell renewal, while protecting from free radical damage. 2. Artichoke extract helps soothe and hydrate skin, while also protecting against UV rays. 3. Sesame oil fights acne-causing bacteria, while also improving overall skin clarity. 4. Aloe vera extract soothes inflammation and redness, while also improving skin elasticity. 5.

The Banjo Beauty Line

Banjo’s bestsellers are the clay mask and the salt-free toner. Both are beautifully formulated and a perfect fit for spring! They’re easy to use, don’t take up much room in your bag, and when you’re done, they are dirt-free, non-comedogenic, and wrinkle-free. Coconut Shell Clay Mask: A virgin clay mask, this homemade mask is very effective in removing both impurities and built-up oil. Its easily blendable texture dissolves any dead cells and easily leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Best of all, coconut shell clay is completely biodegradable, so you can throw it in your recycling bin when you’re finished. The Banjo Salt-Free Toner: Coconut and seaweed extracts combine to create this salt-free toner, which is free of irritating and skin-damaging ingredients.

Why Choose Banjo Foods?

We offer our customers a range of beauty-related products, but none of our beauty products have caused the same widespread media interest as Banjo Hair, Banjo Body, and Banjo Face. We have been in the news repeatedly for the excellent quality of these products. Banjo Hair offers 100% naturally colored, gluten-free, cruelty-free hair care products. Banjo Body offers 100% naturally colored, gluten-free, cruelty-free skin care products. Banjo Face offers 100% naturally colored, gluten-free skin care products. The products in Banjo Foods are of exceptional quality, and each product is safe and clean. Click here to get started with our 100% naturally colored, gluten-free hair care products or our 100% naturally colored, gluten-free skin care products. Where Can I Find Banjo Foods?

How to use our products correctly

Our focus is on non-toxic ingredients, so our products are very mild. However, they still work on all skin types. These products do not contain emulsifiers, water stabilizers, mineral oil, or fragrances. Glow Recipe contains an activator, which changes the composition of the product. The active ingredient, Hydroxycut, is a blend of the amino acids L-carnitine and L-arginine, which stimulate blood flow. This reaction helps the skin to retain more moisture and less sun damage. The Hydroxycut blend is also supposed to restore your skin’s natural radiance. The ingredients in Shino Blotting Papers are water soluble, meaning they do not stay on your skin long and lose their benefits. They dissolve quickly on your face, allowing you to see immediate results.

The Banjo Foods Mission

Banjo Foods products feature 100% natural ingredients with a focus on eating well, eating locally, eating vegan, and not ingesting harmful toxins. We believe in healthy living, conscious consumerism, and innovation with a ‘green mindset.’ We believe in producing the best products for the best people. We seek to help everyone achieve their own best beauty and health. The Banjo Foods Philosophy Our vision is that the Banjo Foods product line will become the most beautiful, best-tasting, and most sustainable natural beauty products available. We believe that natural is beautiful. Our philosophy is simple: everything in moderation, doing it right, and respecting nature. People in the Northeast need products to help make beautiful, healthy skin.


Parabens are an inexpensive ingredient that is found in many beauty products, and they come with plenty of buzz-worthy scary health consequences. More information is needed before these ingredients should be used in personal care products. In the meantime, you may want to reconsider some of your beauty products. The best natural beauty products tend to be the most effective, but they are also the ones with the least risky ingredients.